The artgrant art award

Supporting and promoting undiscovered artists.

Public relations for the art market means developing excellent stories and topics and to carve out positions that direct the conversation towards the artist, right into a debate for which he is passionate and on which he can offer unusual insights – with his art, the form of expression of his choice.

The artgrant art award is a national award for contemporary art. With a total endowment of 15,000 Euros annually, this private initiative is one of the most recognized awards for undiscovered artists in Germany. The art award is granted twice each year for up to four fine art artists in Germany.

Both announcements target freelance fine art artists, debutants and art students from the areas of painting, sculpting, photography, graphic reproduction, installation, video, media art, and new media. The goal is to support artists in their unencumbered creation. An international jury of art historians and art experts is newly formed each year and picks the award-winning entries from all submitted applications.

We support the artgrant art award because we are convinced that a well-organized, defined and juried art award is the best way to evaluate art appropriately. We want to support artists in their development and support the winners with our experience and contacts in terms of public relations.

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